Dev-Mind est enregistré sous le numéro 84 42 02955 42 en tant que prestataire de formation conformément aux dispositions de l'article R. 6351-6 du code du travail. Cet enregistrement ne vaut pas agrément de l'état.

Dev-Mind donne principalement des formations pour apprendre à utiliser le Framework Spring en Java ou en Kotlin.

You can also find freely accessible trainings about Git, Gradle, Spring, Android on this website. All lesson supports and labs remain the intellectual property of Dev-Mind. If you are missing anything, please tell me

The following lessons are given at the "Ecole des mines de Saint Etienne" to engineering students or students in computer science master. These lessons are free and you can follow them to learn how develop an Android app in Kotlin which call REST services exposed by a Spring application developped in Java and deployed on Clever Cloud.

In each lesson, I first present the theory to you, but you have many exercises to implement and understand these different concepts through practice. Each exercise is identifiable by the logo used in the title.


Spring framework




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